About Me

Currently working on  Adventure Girl!

-Card illustrations for Advent of Heroes Breaking Bread studios -2016
-Penciller on pin ups and covers for Blue Juice Comics -2016
-Penciller/ Cover Artist/ Character Designer, Elflord ,Outland Entertainment -2016
-Layout Artist , Anne Bonne, Blue Juice Comics, 2014-2015
-Illustrator, Monster Hunter International RPG book, Hero Games -2013
-Jabal Entertainment portfolio reviews NYCC -2012
-Penciller/ Cover Artist, Jinnrise, IDW -2012-2013
-Art Director, Jinnrise, Jabal Entertainment -2012-2013
-Character designer, Jinnrise -2012
-Kubert School NYCC portfolio review panel -2011
-Concept Art, Cybrid relaunch, Image – 2011
-Graduated the Joe Kubert School in -2011
-Marvel talent search “winner” C2E2 -2011
-DC scholarship Joe Kubert School -2010
-DC talent search “winner” C2E2 -2010
-Worked for PS Magazine/ Telagraphics -2009

If you are interested in having me do some work/ comissions/ samples feel free to contact me via the contact page on this site or through email at